27. mai, 2014

National Wind Watch (NWW)


National Wind Watch® (NWW) is a coalition of groups and individuals working to save rural and wild places from heedless industrial wind energy development. Through this web site, NWW promotes awareness and documents the negative impacts of industrial-scale wind turbines on the environment, economy, and quality of life.
Energy security and the need to reduce pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions are serious issues. Therefore, people should not be distracted by symbolic or "feel-good" gestures that fail to meaningfully address these issues and in fact do substantial harm. NWW advocates an intellectually honest assessment of the benefits and costs of industrial wind development. The objective is to be a resource of information and assistance for individuals and local groups seeking the facts about industrial wind power that are not provided by the industry and its promoters.
Most of the material on this web site does not originate from NWW itself; it is presented without commentary, and the sources are provided. News items and documents are chosen to provide a central reference library of material that is not usually publicized by the industry and its supporters.
National Wind Watch also provides a means for diverse groups fighting inappropriate wind energy projects to share information and strengthen each other. All of the work for NWW is by unpaid volunteers with many other demands on their time and resources but who consider this effort an important contribution to protecting our world.
NWW receives no support from any industry or political interests. Funding comes only from concerned individuals, representing a broad range of perspectives but united in recognizing industrial wind as destructive and a false solution.